Designing a Life You Love

 A 6-week online training in
Creative Development and Intuitive Wisdom

Facilitated by Julian Noel & Dipika Delmenico

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A FREE Training Series
for Movers, Shakers, Futurists and Visionaries
Creating a Better World

This powerful, interactive and experiential training will help you
use your intuitive wisdom to create a life you truly love.

What's alive in you that wants to emerge? 
What is your next grand project?
The project you deeply want to see come to fruition?
Are you willing to step up to the next level in your life –
professionally, personally, socially?

Are you ready for this?

The upheaval in our world today is palpable. Many people are feeling upset, dazed and confused.


How do we lead at this time of global change?


We need new models and approaches.


Can you sense the opportunity of these times? Are you ready to challenge your beliefs and assumptions about leadership and creating results?


The Shine School, a global initiative, has created a 6-week training series in Creating What You Love with Intuitive Wisdom.


This 6-week series is a prerequisite to our Creative Development curriculum. It is masterfully and meticulously designed to give you the practical skills to master creating what your heart truly loves.


The Founders of the Shine School have invited a very special cohort of humans who are doing great stuff and know their perspective and performance can improve, expand and shine.


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What will you get by participating in the training?

You’ll learn how to:

  • Directly access your intuitive wisdom

  • Receive clarity about what you love in every area of your life

  • Connect intimately and steadfast to your innate source of power

  • Recognise your unconscious  beliefs and assumptions that hold you back from creating what you love and how to go beyond them

  • Overcome inhibiting obstacles

  • Create what you love synergistically


In this training series you’ll learn practical premises you can use in all aspects of your life – personal, family, relationship, career, money, business and beyond.


You‘ll experience powerful exercises that will help you connect to your intuitive wisdom and reveal what you love.


This is a wonderful opportunity to experience the presence of your intuition, guided by highly skilled and trained Practitioners and Facilitators of Intuitive Wisdom.

Your teachers will be Julian Noel and Dipika Delmenico


Julian for 20 years has integrated the the powerful premises of this work into his coaching and creative development projects. Julian brings  fun, penetrating clarity and inspired action to the process of intuition and creation.  


Dipika has trained extensively with a Master of the Siddha Veda lineage in how to create and enjoy what your heart most loves. For 25 years she’s incorporated this into her work with thousands of people all over the world to create great health and actually live lives they love.

A 6-week interactive online intensive
Begins January 13,2022 

Training includes 2 LIVE learning experiences each week.

  • Classroom: a 1.5-hour LIVE session led by Julian and Dipika.

  • Coaching Room: a 90-minute session, smaller groups led by experienced coaches trained by The Shine School where you explore and practice in greater depth the tools and exercises from the classroom.

The 6-week program includes:

  • 6 live teaching and Q&A sessions. These sessions are 1.5-hour live Zoom calls.   

  • 5 weekly practice sessions led by a trained group leader.

  • Email contact with your facilitators when questions arise.


  • You will become established in your own intuitive practice.

  • You will connect to your heart’s deepest and truest desires.

  • You will learn how to harness the power of your subconscious and direct it towards what you truly love.

  • You will have the opportunity for live coaching in the weekly practice workshops.

Why Intuition? Why Now?

Why Intuition?

  • Refining your relationship with intuition will lead you towards creating real results quicker and easier.

  • You will discover the source of your power and how to access it.

  • You will be reinstated into your sense of sovereignty and personal power.

  • Increased capacity and capability to make important decisions in your life.

  • A palpable, embodied sense of self as sacred.  

Why Now?

  • The world is in a state of great flux, new opportunities are opening up, new ways of doing things are emerging.

  • The old ways of thinking no longer work. This is an opportunity to drop into a deeper level of intelligence to help you navigate these times.

  • This is your opportunity to lead in these times, rather than wallow and follow.


Educating the New Human


The Shine School is a new approach to learning drawing upon ancient wisdom, contemporary technology and brain science.


It is designed to meet the current challenges presented by this evolving world.

Love Rules

A curriculum based on intuitive development and the deep intelligence of the heart.   


Founded by Julian Noel, Dipika Delmenico, Ingrid Vercammen and Darren Eden.

Meet the Founders 


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Entrepreneur, facilitator and coach. Founder of Shine, a global community of entrepreneurs and changemakers. Julian is a provocateur and catalyst for change. He asks big questions. Passionate about people working in alignment with their highest purpose, his one-on-one work assists people to uncover and effectively integrate their purpose and prosperity.

Dipika Delmenico

Dipika Delmenico is an Ayurvedic Expert, Heart-Centred Leader and Visionary Changemaker. She’s all about women creating wildly meaningful lives of wonder and vibrancy. For more than 25 years, she’s worked with thousands of clients globally with Ayurveda and human-centred medicine. She’s the founder of Conscious Woman Rising and the best-selling author of The Ayurvedic Woman. She integrates and bridges physical with spiritual sciences for embodied healing potential. Dipika’s in service to the renewal of ancient healing mysteries for transformational education and becoming more fully human.

Ingrid Vercammen
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An intuitive entrepreneur, author and public speaker, Ingrid evolved from the Psycho Therapist she once was in her homeland, Belgium, to become a highly successful businesswoman dedicated to mentoring others. Emigrating to New Zealand in 2000, Ingrid co-founded a successful global food manufacturing business. Facing extreme challenges, she realised the importance of leading yourself first, and then others, and she committed to sharing her learnings and leadership style to women all over the world. She has an insatiable passion for the working of the mind and brain and helping others achieve. She is the founder of ‘Women Beyond Ordinary,” which runs regular panel discussions and events. They provide encouragement, networking opportunities, and support for women by women.

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